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Bill Bird likes it simple. Not too much fuss and only focused on making quotes and invoices and sending them to your customers. Get your invoices paid quickly in Crypto like BTC or Ethereum.

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Who is Bill Bird developed for?

Actually for anyone who wants to quickly prepare a quote or invoice. Think of plasterers, painters, plumbers, coaches, personal trainers, etc. Any freelancer, self-employed person or small business who need to quickly create and send a quote or invoice via their phone.

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Only options you REALLY need to get paid!

  • It is important that after your services or delivery of a product, you invoice your customer as soon as possible in order to get paid as soon as possible. You can do this all via your phone thanks to the Bill Bird app.

  • There are plenty of apps that offer complete accounting, scanning receipts, keeping an eye on expenses, registering hours and so on. The apps are very complicated because of this and lose their power due to the many options that only make it more difficult for the users. You have to do your accounting in professional software such as exact or by an accountant. Most importantly, you can send invoices and get paid asap.

  • Many entrepreneurs have several companies and must therefore be able to invoice under different names. Here’s where we excel too. You can create as many companies as you want and send the invoices on behalf of company names you create. With other apps, you only create 1 company name, because everyone assumes that you use the app for 1 company … but we think further.

  • Sometimes your customer wants to receive a quote first. In Bill Bird you can also easily create a quote and send it to your customer. Later you can convert this into an invoice. Easy right?

  • If you want customers to be able to pay your invoice via a link, we have chosen the simplest way to arrange this for you. There is a box where you can add a payment link on the invoice itself. Almost every payment provider such as Mollie, Sisow, Paypal etc offers payment links. You sign up and create a (Crypto) payment link for the amount of your invoice, which you then place on your invoice. We have consciously chosen not to make direct links. This way you are free to register anywhere.


The app is easy to use and navigate, but we’ve included some guides below for you, should you need it anyway.

Create Company

Read here how you can create your company once to send your first invoice

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Create Items

Read here how you can create your company once to send your first invoice

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Create Invoice

When your company has been created, you can prepare the invoice. You can also create items in the invoice screen.

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Overview invoices

View which invoices are open, due or paid and how you can change the status.

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Sending Reminders

Facturen die vervallen zijn, kan je nogmaals verzenden als herinnering naar je klanten.

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Change language or currency

In the settings screen you can choose your preferred fstart
language and the currency you want to use.

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Creating invoices has never been easier

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